Why Apple Pay is already dead to me

Apple trained me for a long time now. And it always was ok. Something new and magical comes along and you pick it up, start playing with it and it just works. That's what I came to expect from Apple. Sure , sometimes there is a glitch or a bug - I understand that. But making amazing technology easy to use and getting me to want to use it again and again is something Apple does perfectly.

Until now.

So what's up with Apple Pay? No matter what I try, I can't set it up and I refuse to google it. That is not the Apple way, that's not what you taught me over the last 20 years. I assume this is somehow integrated in Passbook, and by the way, why would you do that Apple? Passbook is the single biggest mess on my iPhone, don't put cool new stuff in there. First of all there are not enough companies integrated, second I don't want to deal with all of their apps - if I wanted that, why do I need Passbook? 

Anyway, I tried. Unfortunately I don't make it into Passbook. It insists that I need to install Apps - I don't want to install Apps! I want to use Apple Pay! I want to scan my CreditCard  just as it was shown in the Keynote and use that card for paying. I tried to install two apps (Starbucks and Apple) - Starbucks crashes because it doesn't like my phone number (really? no error message - just won't let me save) and the Apple Store app pulls my iTunes account which I do not use for physical stuff (and to give me the message that I need to sign out of this account in the iTunes Store app and then login with a different account is definately not a solution). 

I gave up - the whole process took about 45 minutes. I guess that's about the time I would have saved paying with my phone instead of my credit card over the next three years (yes Apple, your Video of how hard it is to pay with your credit card was cute - but that's all that it was - it is not presenting reality because it actually is really simple to pay with a credit card).

I am an Apple fanboy, so I will try again. But I have to wait until iOS 9 when they finally pull the plug on passbook and give me an Apple Pay app (how hard could that be Apple? You already give me a bunch of useless apps that I cant unistall on my phone, one more would have been ok).

And since we are on that topic - let me uninstall! I am not buying a Dell PC loaded with crapware - I am buying the highend smartphone on the market, I know what I am doing so just let me if I want to uninstall "Tips" or "Podcast" (because, guess what, your Podcast App stinks!).