How to destroy a brand (ask Microsoft) - and my career?

Here we go, Microsoft Lync will be rebranded Skype for Business in Q1/2015.

Do I even have to write more? How stupid could you be Microsoft? Really? Skype?

You are seriously taking an established and trusted enterprise brand like Lync and for the sake of what exactly rebrand it to a generally distrusted brand that most IT Managers and their business counterparts still see as a toy, a consumer product on the same level as Yahoo Messenger (does that still exist?) and Snapchat.

What the f...?

I worked for years to establish Lync as the primary communciations tool in my company, it is used by 12.000 employees and is the only telephony system for many of them. At the same time Skype is still blocked in many companies (you know - it is a trusted brand...). So why would you do this? My estimate is that this name change (and the change of the client UI) alone will stall or eliminate many Lync projects. And it will be the end to many succesful implementations.

"Hey, why don't you switch off your Siemens PBX and use Skype instead?" 

Does that sound like it will be succesful in your company? It wont be in mine and that's why I give up on Microsoft. I will hold on to my Lync 2013 implementation and never again update, just let it die a slow death until something else comes along over the next ten years that is as trusted as Lync and won't have a stupid name that kills it. Thanks, Microsoft.

And just in case you wonder, I do completely understand the need to unify the Lync and Skype technologies, strategy and product teams. But there is no reason to use one name for two different products. It is simply put confusing (OneDrive and OneDrive for Business is a perfect example) and bad branding.