Nokia announces Android Phones - awkward?

Nokia announced 3 Android based Phones yesterday running a fork of Android and using Microsoft services instead of Google's own services in the backend. Even if some might say Nokia did this independent from the Microsoft merger - I believe this move is fully MS approved and will move a lot of new users to use MS services like OneDrive, Skype, as well as Nokia's services (music, radio and Here Maps) and a curated Android store.

In the end this will benefit Microsoft - they earn already more on Android licensing (1.4 Billion$) than on their own phone OS and getting new users in emerging markets using Microsoft services is a huge benefit. These are the users that will never own a traditional PC and therefore will not easily get in contact with these Microsoft services otherwise.

Good move Microsoft (and Nokia)!

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Nokia Announces Android-Powered Smartphones | Paul Thurrotts WinInfo content from Windows IT Pro:

During a Mobile World Congress press event on Sunday night, Nokia confirmed that it will release a lineup of entry-level smartphones based on Google's Android OS. Dubbed the Nokia X, this lineup will include three affordable models that come in a variety of familiar Lumia-like shapes, and feature a Windows Phone-like user experience, but can run Android apps.