XP Users wake up already!

When I sit down at a PC running XP these days I usually have two thoughts going through my mind. First, how could anyone work with this garbage from 13 years ago - and second, why would anyone want to? The initial release of Windows XP was on August 24, 2001. Think about that for a minute!

That was before 9/11. We had at least 2 mayor wars since then. Apple released the iPod (First Generation) in October of that year. I had three kids since then. I mean seriously - get used to change people. What's the holdup?

I get it if you didn't like Vista (even though I don't understand it - it is a superior product in so many regards) - but XP instead of Windows 7? Come on, seriously? And yes, there are applications that didn't run on Vista, or Windows 7 - I understand that pain, I am responsible for running 15.000 Windows systems worldwide. But it has been 13 years - how much longer do you want to wait to change those applications or replace them finally? 

I found this graph on BusinessInsider and it is astonishing to me how reckless people are when it comes to the topic of Windows XP.

30% marketshare of all Windows versions - that is amazing. I hope you all know that the day for the funeral is fixed (and it's close). 

On a lighter note - migrate to Windows 8 - it's a joy and nearly not as bad as everyone wants you to believe - again, it is the best Windows yet.