XBOX One Update

So I am underwhelmed by the XBOX One Media Experience, non responsive Apps and the fact that the Launch Title Games didn't really deliver excitement. 

After playing Madden 25 on the XBOX One I was disappointed - just anothere installment of Madden and as I have often experienced in the past, Gameplay is consistent with older versions, graphics, stadiums etc. seem to get worse. New platform? Better quality? Faster? Not really. 

As you can tell from my last post, I love Call of Duty Ghosts and played it quite a bit. Best title yet on the XBOX One. Unfortunately I also tried Battlefield 4 on my PS3, and have to admit that I prefer the old patform for better gameplay, graphics and just plain old fun. 

For now my XBOX One is switched off. I turn it on occasionally to Skype (here the new Kinect really shines) and to show off the fact that I can scream at it when playing Madden and it actually almost always understands what I want it to do (it gets a little irritating if you have screamed "Down-Set-Hike" several times and nothing happens, not just for me as the player but for everyone else living in my household). 

I look forward to the second generation of games, I am sure it will get a lot better.