Building Tiles - Update eMail from Tile

Hello Tilers,
Come join us on our journey! Visit us at for updates and behind the scenes look into Tile. Here are the highlights:
Key touch points we’ve focused on to make sure you get the highest quality product:

  • Consistency of wireless signal
  • Using ultra-sonic welding

Engineering Validation Test Highlights

  • Range of the customized antenna meets our requirements
  • Range testing working as expected
  • Bluetooth responsiveness - working as expected
  • The Tile app is properly locating items 

Preparing To Ship

  • Submitted the Tile app to the Apple App Store for review
  • Running usability studies on the app with many users 
  • Shipping will begin with one of the best fulfillment companies in the business

Thanks for your incredible support. We cannot tell you how much we appreciate you backing our company, and cannot wait to ship your Tile. 

Best Regards,

Nick, Mike and the entire Tile team