Why the XBOX One will fail

I had my XBOX One now for about 8 weeks and until today I used it only for playing games. CoD Ghosts is great, the graphics are nice considering this is a first generation game for a new console - overall the game playing experience is nice. But that’s it - it’s just nice. Not groundbreaking, not revolutionary. I am sure if I would play the same games on my XBOX 360 or PS3 I would hardly notice.

But Microsoft didn’t sell the XBOX One as only a gaming console but much more. It will supposedly replace my Apple TV, cable box etc. I decided to invest some time in checking out these additional features and all I can say: Epic Fail.

I installed a couple of new Apps and was looking forward to check out some old movies on Crackle and view some new TED presentations. But I never did (or yes, I did - but to on my XBOX One). Here is the problem, Crackle and some other Video Apps can be installed but then just won’t open when I start them - I blame the fact that  I am in Europe and based on my experience with other services these Apps probably only work in the US - but there was no error message -just waiting, nothing, nothing, and quit.

I gave it one last try, launched the TED App and started a presentation. Only that I never got that far - Microsoft wants me to pay for a gold account to watch free stuff? I get TED as Podcast, on Apple TV, downloadable in any way and format and you ask me to spend 60$ to get the same content on my gaming console? Seriously? 

Back to Ghosts, great game, love the dog. 

I just try to imagine what non-technical people do if they encounter these issues? Never buy a Microsoft product again or is it ok if something only works a little bit but not as advertised.