Androids biggest problem

I have been travelling quite a bit lately and whereever I go I check what kind of phones people are using. I expect tons of Android out there - but it is not what I see in real life. I would guess that more than 70% of people I see at airports, hotels, conventions and anything else related to business travel use iPhone or iPads (matter of fact - when it comes to tablets I still have to see an Android tablet being used in a business environment).

One of the issues Android is having is clearly fragmentation (see below) - where Apple is able to move all of their users to the latest version, Android Kit-Kat is still running on only a small amount of devices. What does this mean for the huge installed base of Android devices? If I add my above observation it could only be that Android users are not interested in updating because they are actually not using their smartphones.

That is a big problem!