Microsoft - stupid, stupid, stupid

Microsoft announced that they wil decouple Kinect from the XBOX One and lower the price by 100$ to compete more even with the PS4 which seems to be the early winner of this console cycle.

Microsoft will also remove the necessity for having a Gold Subscription for accessing (most) entertainment content on their consoles.

Both of these things are wrong and outright stupid for different reasons.

First they are abandoning their vision of an all-in-one console that comes with current technologoy (Motion Sensors, Voice Control etc.), they are screwing their developers ("Developers, Developers, Developers!") and they are annoying me because I bought into their vision and now will get a lot less services and games that support their state of the art technology. 

That said, their XBOX Gold Subscription change was overdue and is only stupid because it is much too late! Why in the world would I have to pay 60$ a year to use Netflix which in itself doesn't cost much more? Who did ever think that was a good idea in any way? Same for Skype on the XBOX - what in the world was Microsoft thinking? 

If Microsoft decided to compete on price because they are 2 million behind in sales compared to the PS4 they should have done so by lowering the price and eat the cost. How many billions do they have in the bank? Who cares? If you want the market share that badly just buy it. 

All I can say to this is that my confidence in their strategy and vision is shattered and this decision can be only called what it is: Stupid!