The Apple Watch - after 4 weeks of use

I am glad I didn't write a review of the Apple Watch right after I got it -  it wouldn't have done this marvelous piece of technology justice.

You see, it's a watch. And it's a very nice watch on top of it. But my expectations of what I would get were much different. Apple would re-invent the category of smartwatches, this would be the final breakthrough for wearable's on your wrist. The grand solution to all of the problems all other smartwatches weren't able to fix until now (and that includes my Casio calculator watch from 1983). 

Four weeks later I see that my expectations were wrong. For wearable technology on your wrist the Apple watch has not solved all the problems. The screen is beautiful but still too small to do a lot of useful things. 

But it is a beautiful watch, and it can do a lot of cool stuff on top of that. Controlling my music without getting my phone out when I run, being the best remote for my Apple TV and getting me notifications makes my life so much easier. 

After seeing the WWDC Keynote and what is coming with watchOS 2.0 and apps running natively on the watch I am even more excited. This thing is going to be the next big thing. And as long as you treat it first of all as a watch you will not be disappointed. All the other stuff will take some time until we figure out what makes sense on your wrist. 

But I am sure we will figure it out and Apple will make the watch better with every iteration until in hindsight it will have transformed its category.